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PIxies Bootlegs

VPRO 'Fa. Onrust', Dutch TV, at Hilversum Studios, The Netherlands
Video: PAL MPEG2, 25 fps, 704x576 (4:3 letterboxed), 5000 kbps avg.
Audio: Stereo AC3 48/256
DVD with menu and chapters
Lineage: TV (DVB-C) => DVD RAM (DVD recorder) => HDD => TMPEG DVD Author 1.6
Setlist: Bone Machine / Interview /Gigantic/ River Euphrates/ Where Is My Mind/ I've Been Tired

University - Leicester
Unknown (DV?)VHS -> JVC HR-DVS1 ->Firewire ->Adobe Premiere Elements v7.0 -> TMPGEnc Authoring Works v4
Audio treated separately in Har-Bal v2.3 -> Wavelab v6.10 Build 340 ->
BitRate_Nominal/String           : 8 000 Kbps
Width/String                     : 720 pixels
Height/String                    : 576 pixels
DisplayAspectRatio/String        : 4:3
Standard                         : PAL
ID/String                        : 160 (0xA0)
Format                           : PCM
BitRate/String                   : 1 536 Kbps
Channel(s)/String                : 2 channels
SamplingRate/String              : 48.0 KHz
BitDepth/String                  : 16 bits
Setlist: Into the White/ Nimrod's Son /Wave of Mutilation /River Euphrates /Crackity Jones /Monkey gone to Heaven / No. 13 Baby / Isla De Encanta/ Dead /There goes my Gun /Debaser /Gigantic /Hey /Cactus /I bleed /Caribou/ Break my Body/Bone Machine /Gouge away /Tame /Where is my Mind / Vamos

Club Rodon Athens, Greece
Setlist: into the white/wave of mutilation /debaser /dead /cactus /there goes my gun  /no.13 baby /isla de encanta / hey /crackity jones /I bleed /caribou / where is my mind? /nimrod’s son /vamos /gouge away /tame /Tony’s theme /in heaven 

VHS -> JVC HR-DVS1 -> Firewire -> Adobe Premiere Elements v7.0 -> TMPGEnc Authoring Works v4
Writing library : encoded by TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 Version.
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 5 671 Kbps
Nominal bit rate : 8 000 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 576 pixels
Standard : PAL
Setlist: Bone Machine/Cactus /Caribou /Crackity Jones /Dead /Debaser / Gigantic / Gouge away / Hey / I bleed /Isla de Encanta/ /Levitate me /Mr Grieves /Monkey gone to Heaven /Nimrod's Son /No.13 Baby /River Euphrates /Tame /There goes my Gun /Vamos /Wave of Mutilation /Where is my Mind

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Media : DVD 
System : PAL
Type : Pro-Shot (TV)
Generation : Master
Lineage : TV > VHS MASTER > SONY SA DVDRX970 > DVD+R > TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 (chaperpoints) > VIDEO_TS
Setlist: Hey!/ Isla De Encanta/ Interview/ Bossanova / Cecilia Ann (excerpt) /Interview /(excerpt)/Is She Weird?/ Tony's Theme/ Wave Of Mutilation / Interview /Something Against You / The Happening/ Hey!/ Vamos

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Lineage: VHS(M) > VHS(1) > JVC SR-VS30E > Matrox Parhelia APV PCIe > Avid MC 2.8, via firewire > Nero Vision 5 > you
Video: MPEG-2, 720x576, PAL, 25 fps, 9610 kbps
Audio: 224 kbps, 48 kHz, MP2
Setlist: Cecilia Ann /Levitate Me /Debaser /Rock Music /Hangwire /Dead /There Goes My Gun /Monkey Gone To Heaven /Isla de Encanta /Velouria /Into The White /Stormy Weather /Hey /Gigantic /Crackity Jones /Dig For Fire /Dancing The Manta Ray /Gouge Away /Here Comes Your Man /Caribou / All Over The World /Allison /The Happening /Broken Face /I Bleed /Something Against You /Tame /Is She Weird /Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) /Where Is My Mind /Ed is Dead /Vamos /Tony's Theme /Wave of Mutilation

Pixies - Brixton Academy, London
Lineage: TV > VID(1) > DVDR > TMPGEnc (to add chapters and menu) > VIDEO_TS > you
Setlist: Intro /Rock Music / Debaser /River Euphrates /The Happening /Allison /Velouria /Into The White /Bone Machine /Gouge Away /Hang Wire /I Bleed /Is She Weird /Letter To Memphis /Palace Of The Brine / Planet Of Sound /Where Is My Mind? /The Holiday Song /Break My Body /Blown Away /Here Comes Your Man /Subbacultcha /Mr Grieves /Trompe Le Monde /The Sad Punk /Monkey Gone To Heaven /Motorway To Roswell /Vamos /Head On /Tame

New York, NY
The Ritz (off 1st gen VHS)
Source: Unknown cam / mic > HI8 Master > 1st gen VHS Tape 
LINEAGE:Panasonic NV-FJ610 VCR stereo> PIONEER DVR-5100H (fine mode)> DVD (optimized mode)
video codec : mpg-2 
frame rate: 25 pic/sec 
bitrate: 8150 kbit/s 
frame: 720 x 480 
screen: 4:3 NTSC 
Setlist:  Wave of Mutilation (Surf)/ Where is My Mind?/ Ed is Dead /Nimrod's Son /Vamos /Mr. Grieves /Subacultha /Dead /Crakity Jones /DRT /Dance the Manta Ray /Lovely Day /Caribou /All over the World /Allison /Velouria /The Happening /Is she weird /Navajo Know /Motorway to Roswell /Monkey Gone to Heaven /Gouge Away /Bird Dream of Olympus Mons /Planet of Sound /Head on (Jesus and Mary Chain Cover) /Umass

Compilaciones, Oficiales, etc.
The Pixies U.S. T.V. Appearances
lineage:VHS Tapes(SP)>DVD Recorder(XP)>DVD>PC>TMPGncReauthor3>Torrent
video-mpeg-2/720x480/29.97 fps/4:3/NTSC
audio-dolby digital/48000 Hz/stereo/256 kb/s
Varios temas, entrevistas.

*Reunion tour 2004
Official Release, contains various footage of 2004 warm-up tour and more.

*Pixies Live
Official Release, contains  Live incomplete concert fromat the Town and Country club London 1988, the complete viedography, live backstage footage and a docuemntary.

*Pixies Live At Paradise Boston
LIve concert at boston 2005


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